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Business & Professional English (25+)

You are smart, you are intelligent, and you are hard working. Then what makes your colleagues more successful than you? The answer is simple they are better presenters & communicators. Improve your fluency, accuracy and confidence speaking English in the company of like-minded people 25+ years of age from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds.

The Business & Professional English (25+) Course is designed to make the best use of a short period of study and includes:

  • English language work with a focus on Spoken English and conversation skills
  • Lessons are designed to develop confidence in using English in both social and professional situations
  • An adult environment in a building dedicated to our mature students over the age of 25

Business English will create a competitive edge over others to make you a winner. Every organization needs training of their employees so that they can maintain their business relationships and clients .So, we come with this course of Corporate Training .This training offers a wide variety of corporate training courses like soft skill training, Effective communication skills, business etiquette, Spoken English, Attitude Training, Telephone etiquettes, Presentation Skill Email etiquettes to name a few.