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Embassy Interview

Visa interview occurs before final confirmation of student visa approval for most countries including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and New Zealand. We know that everyone in stress before embassy interview and nobody loose his or her opportunities for overseas study. At SEA, you will be prepared by our expert visa faculty members to clear the Interview. This course is specially designed to those dreamers who really don't want to miss the opportunities at last moment. The Embassy Interview Training at SEA helps our students face the Embassy Interview with great ease. Remember that they just want genuine students to get a visa so try to be as strict as possible in this matter. They are kind enough to give you a visa if you are genuine student who has an intention to enter the foreign country for study purpose. Embassy Interview is only the phase where you can miss or got your opportunity. You only have to give answers of simple or general questions from your education or family.

  • Need to be courteous, friendly and polite throughout the interview.
  • Answers of all questions should be clear and brief. In some cases, rather giving wrong answer ask question again.
  • Be confident during interview. Don't show nervousness during interview.