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Speaking course


Learning to speak English well may be the best thing you can do to improve your life. English is a universal language. The world has changed. If you want to learn the world you need to learn the English language.
If you are a business man you would have to learn English to expand your business to overseas.
If you are a student you would have to learn English for a brighter future.
If you are a professional, you would have to learn English for the benefit of your career.


The purpose of the course is to synchronize educational fineness with human excellence, to promote self-development & creativity in a stress free atmosphere, to emphasize on providing the most modern and sophisticated learning environment coupled with the Indian heritage.


Frame grammatically correct sentences in English.
Fluently speak with using gap fillers.
Able to express your thoughts more confidently.
Basic information of grammar.
Paraphrase own and other speaker's messages.
Spontaneous and prepared speeches.
Role plays and real plays.


Minimum time duration: 8-12 weeks
Maximum time duration: No limit
Interaction period: 1 hour a day

Some people who do our courses are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest. Whatever the reason behind learning English, we promise to give you practical language skills to help you in the future.

Part of General English


  • This course is designed for mature, motivated adults who need to improve their English language skills either for general use or more specifically for their work or study.

    Moreover this course helps those motivated adults to develop their knowledge, skills and fluency in English. Experienced trainers use dynamic teaching methods and engaging materials to deliver measurable results. Regular progress tests ensure effective learning.


  • We saw some of the student not comfortable in group learning and you may also feel like this. Sometimes, there is a problem of timing, student want the trainer to be able to focus 100 percent on his or her needs. So, this course has designed as per individual requirement.