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OET (The Occupational English Test) is an English Proficiency Test specialising in particular professions including Nursing. In order to become a registered nurse in Australia, people are required to submit an IELTS score to show English Competency or an OET score.

Because not a lot of nurses know the fact that the OET score can be submitted instead of IELTS scores, we have seen many nurses struggling and giving up the chance to become a registered nurse in Australia and New Zealand. If you are facing the same situation, like being stuck on the same score and the same English level, why don’t you try to get a higher mark on the OET? The OET result is likely to be useful when you are applying for permanent residency as a proof of your English skill.


The OET course has been developed and taught by a lecturer in the nursing department of an Australian University. The purpose of this course is to help students prepare for the OET. This course is also suitable for students who would like to study nursing or medical English.

Like the IELTS test, the OET consists of 4 bands; Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening. However, unlike IELTS, all topics within the OET are about medical related issues; this is very different from IELTS.

An example of this can be easily shown in the speaking section. In the speaking section of the OET, students are usually asked to be a nurse in two role plays during the test. Just like the real test, students in the course do the role plays in the classroom to become accustomed to the real OET test situation. It is, of course, for the students’ benefit that the teacher usually teaches what one should say in each role play, so the course is very practical for medical professions.

Just like with the speaking component of the exam, the other three sections have each a different structure; in the reading section, students will have to study contemporary medical subjects, such as swine flu, stroke, and pneumonia. In the writing section, the student taking the exam is asked to write a referral letter as if they are a nurse transferring a patient from their own ward to another community hospital. As for the listening component of the exam, the student will hear a conversation between a doctor and a patient, and also listen to a lecture given by a medical professional. Our OET course is designed specifically for the OET, so you will be able to find out exactly how the exam is given and what it is like to take an OET exam.