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Our Terms

No. 1 Terms

This document provides the terms and conditions for using the School of English Achievers (www.seaedus.com) and any documents and services from within. This document is principally for prospective students or individuals requesting information on abroad universities, preparing to come to the UK, Australia coming to the UK, Australia, studying in the UK, Australia and other forms of assistance.

No. 2 Terms

SEA provides information on UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand universities in good faith, from direct contact with the institutions or from the public domain (websites and prospectuses). As far as we are aware, the information available on our website and in all our documents is accurate at the time of publication. We will not take responsibility for the inaccuracy of any information obtained from contacts or available on the public domain.

No. 3 Terms

SEA will endeavour to provide objective facts and recommendations for any requests from prospective students. However, please note that your choice of university will ultimately be your responsibility. In the events of you being unsatisfied with your choice of university, we can provide supplementary lists of institutions and will help in transfers from one university to the other, but we cannot take responsibility for the dissatisfaction

No. 4 Terms

SEA reserves the right to use its website as a platform for institutions to promote themselves. SEA Education considers these advertisements to be promotional and unless clearly mentioned, these are not necessarily recommendations for prospective students.

No. 5 Terms

By contacting School of Achievers in any form (email, letter, telephone, fax, or other communication) and for any reason, your details will be entered in a secure database for our own records. We may use your contact details to contact you in the future. If you do not wish to receive such information, please email us directly at Schoolofenglish.sea@gmail.com and ask to be removed from the mailing list.

No. 6 Terms

Any personal information supplied to SEA will be treated in strict confidence and protected according to the Data Protection Act. We will NOT open your details to third parties or exchange it in any transaction

Any complaints or comments will be taken seriously and actions taken without affecting your statutory rights. To contact SEA, please email to Schoolofenglish.sea@gmail.com.